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Pokemon Screen Caps

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pokecapture is an open-membership community dedicated to sharing screen caps of the Pokemon series to fans. Perhaps you'd like to make icons out of them, maybe you just like to collect images. No matter the reason, everyone's welcome to join.

1: The obvious - try to be respectful of everyone; especially by adhering to the rules of each person who provides screen caps. If they request credit, they deserve to receive it.
2: If you upload screen caps and provide sample images, please place them behind a cut! Thumbnails are okay, but for any larger images, I'd like to keep things looking neat. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, please refer to here for an explanation.
3: Please try to keep things on topic. Advertising is okay as long as it pertains to the interests of the community (Pokemon and screen capping). Posting a promo, for a random example, for a community about fashion tips is not okay.

...And that's it for now. I'll add more later on if I see a need for it, but for right now, I really think that about covers it.


I'll work more on the userinfo later on once I have more to work with (links to resources, etc). Suggestions and criticism at this point are much appreciated!